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Animal Kingdom

Handmade toys, accessories, and art for your special buddy


less waste, more life

A Rae of Design always implements the reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle in every step of the creative process. Tug toys are made from thrifted and upcycled fleece blankets, and the scraps are made into snuffle mats. Pet portraits are made on thrifted and upcycled home decor. Portraits are made from layered cut vinyl decals, and the scraps are saved for small phone and water bottle stickers.

With less waste in the world we can live on the planet a little longer!

tug toys

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This mat is great for ALL animals!

Hide treats inside to practice sniffing, slow down eating, and reduce boredom - even with a furry friend as small as a guinea pig.

For the felines, hide catnip for zoomies and naps!


Braided collars and leashes, hand pressed bandanas,

and graphic tees for the pawrent.

Custom order these items or find them in person at the Bremerton

and Port Orchard Farmer's markets.

hand drawn

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